Race park plan

SilverSkiff 2021 - Park Map

The entrance to the infrastructure will be allowed only for the technicians, the athletes and companions (signed up on the FIC or any other foreigner federations), registered to the event and registered on the website www.silverskiff.org and to whom are part of the organization, being registered on the website and having the greenPass (green certificate or white card (USA)) or the PCR taken at least 48 hours before the entrance in the regatta area. The PCR need to be repeated every three days.

For children under 12 years old any PCR or greenpass or white card is not required

The entrance to the regatta area will be able only with ID card or passport and declaration of registration with QR-code that will be controlled. It will be needed on the smarthphone, or printed or hanged on the neck and  greenPass (green certificate or white card (USA) or a PCR taken at least 48 hours before the entrance to the regatta area

For the volunteers and the people who will be helping but who is not registered on the FIC, will be needed a special certification (badge).

For the foreign athletes and companions the organizational staff will be controlling the follow of all the “rules” of hte Ordinance Ministero della  Salute of the 29.7.2021 and all the attachments.

The measure of the body temperature will be taken by the companions leader for all the members and all their companions of every Rowing Club and this will be taken at the beginning of the race’s day. The data will be given to the Covid Manager.

The Organizational Committee staff wil be measuring the body temperature of every member of the staff at the beginning of every day. All the data will be given to the Covid manager.

The control will be done every day, starting from the Friday, november 5th 2021.

The people who will have a body temperature higher than 37.5° need to be signaleted as soon as possible to the Covid Manager who will decide, with the medical equipe, what to do. In this case the access to the regatta area will be not allowed.