The winning woman and man scullers in the SILVERSKIFF race are awarded a prize in gold coins of the value of 1500,00 Euro. 1200,00 Euro in gold coins are awarded to the second-placed and 1000,00 Euro in gold coins are awarded to the third-placed.
A special prize of the value of 1.000,00 Euro in gold coins is awarded to the sculler who sets up a new record on the SILVERSKIFF course.
A mountain bike is awarded to the winners (male and female) of the KINDERSKIFF race (on the distance of 4000 meters).
Trophies are awarded to all first-placed woman and man scullers of all categories.
Medals of 1st/2nd/3rd level are awarded to the first, second and third-placed scullers of each category.
The RICCARDO STEINLEITNER MEMORIAL TROPHY is awarded to the Club winning the largest number of prizes (for further details, please refer to the race regulations).
The sculler who wins the SILVERSKIFF race three times (not necessarily consecutively) is awarded the prestigious SILVERSKIFF TROPHY. A special Trophy will be awarded to the sculler, already winner of the SILVERSKIFF TROPHY, who will get other three victories.
The winner of the SILVERSKIFF race will be awarded a special watch when he/she wins the race nine times (not necessarily in succession).