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XXXIII Edition

9-10 November 2024

Iscrizioni 2024 – Presto online
2024 Enrollments – Coming soon

Iscrizioni / Enrollments


2023 Races enrollments – CLOSED

  KINDERSKIFF: CLOSED SILVERVINTAGE: CLOSED SILVERSKIFF: CLOSED   Lenght: SILVERSKIFF: 1.1000mt. KINDERSKIFF: 1.000mt. e 4.000mt. SILVERVINTAGE: 4.000mt. Deadline: OCTOBER 29th 2023 at 24:00 PM Race Announcement: Race Accouncement Enrollments: MySilverSkiff Categories: The SILVERSKIFF –...

OVERBOOKING: Requests accepted

In these days, since we closed the registrations and opened the overbooking list, the requests have been numerous and we have all perceived once again the importance and greatness that the SilverSkiff Regatta has...


Following numerous requests to be included in the list, the Organizing Committee has decided to close the SilverSkiff overbooking list by no longer accepting any requests for inclusion. Communication for those already on the...