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2020 Regatta Refunds – Deadline 12/31

TORINO, 11th December 2020 – Due the complexity of the moment for everyone, it was decided to extend the refund request for those who signed up for the SilverSkiff 2020 edition until 31 December,...

SilverSkiff 2019 - Iscrizioni aperte - Enrollments open

2020 Races enrollments – SUSPENDED

ATTENTION The Italian government has issued a new decree, constraining the organization of sport events. Until the content of the decree is well known, the SilverSkiff registration is temporarily suspended.     KINDERSKIFF: SUSPENDED...

SilverSkiff 2020 - Covid travellers info

Covid-19 – Travellers instructions

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, each athlete, for participating to SilverSkiff and KinderSkiff race, have to respect the following Italian Minister of Health rules and Regione Piemonte rules: Travelling rules vary, depending on the country of...

SilverSkiff 2019 - Arrivals

SilverSkiff – Arrivals

Generale – Generale Male – Generale Female MASTER General Male – MASTER General Female JUNIOR A Male – JUNIOR A Female JUNIOR B Male – JUNIOR B Female LW Male – LW Female SENIOR...