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SilverSkiff 2018 - Enrolled list - Lista iscritti

Enrolled List

Participants and their clubs are invited to verify the correctness of the data and report immediately any errors to SilverSkiff 0 KinderSkiff 4000mt. 0 KinderSkiff 1000mt. 0 ParaRowing SilverSkiff 0

SilverSkiff 2018 - Race Information

Races informations

Lenght:  KinderSkiff: 1000mt. e 4000mt. Para-Rowing: 4000mt. SilverSkiff: 11000mt. Deadline:  November 2nd 2018 at 24:00 PM Enrollments:  MySilverSkiff Categories:  The SILVERSKIFF – m. 11.000 A time endurance race on the distance of 11 km...

SilverSkiff 2018 - 500 iscritti enrolled

500 Athletes already enrolled

I numeri sono pazzeschi, grazie! Le iscrizioni aumentano e siamo già a quota 500! Vi ricordiamo che a 600 ci dobbiamo fermare, per questioni logistiche e organizzative. Quindi se vi va di partecipare, tenete...

SilverSkiff 2018 - 420 iscritti enrolled

400 athletes already enrolled

The numbers are insane, thank you! The registrations are increasing and we’re already at 420 people! We remind you that we have to stop at 600, for logistics and organizing reasons. So if you...

SilverSkiff 2018 - iOS Official App - thumb

Online the 2018 SilverSkiff official app!

The new version of the SilverSkiff application is on the App Store! The application is available for iPhone and iPad for free on the App Store and allows you to always have access to...

SilverSkiff 2018 - Oars rent

Concept oars rent

This year we have the possibility to rent together with the skiff some Concept oars. The rent fee is 50,00€ for the couple. If your request will be accepted we’ll send you the data for...

SilverSkiff 2018 - Boat rent

Skiff Rent

The organization makes available for those coming from outside Italy some Filippi skiff. A skiff can be rented for € 100.00. If interested to rent one you can request it during the enrollment phase.