Covid-19 Protocol





Torino, 6th/7th November 2021



The following protocol is used in occasion of the XXX International Silver Trophy and Kinder Skiff and the first SilverVintage Trophy that will be on the 6th and 7th november 2021 and is drawn up by the Reale Società Canottieri Cerea A.S.D., following the Federazione Italiana Canottaggio guidelines and its objective is  illustrate the tecnhical, organizational and hygienic conditions that will be followed during the competition. Furthermore, the objective will be maintained in compliance of the rules of social distancing, without any gathering and people coming from outside the Regatta area, in the location of Reale Società Canottieri Cerea, in Turin, with the address Viale Virgilio 61 and the areas nearby.

The following protocol, drawn up by the Organizational Committee, will be send to the Federazione Italiana Canottaggio and to all the Clubs that will partecipate  with the regatta announcement.

The measures in this Protocol will need to be followed all over this event duration.

The measures in this Protocol incorporate what the italian regatta codes foresee.

All the organizational staff, the athletes, the technicians, the rowing mananger, the competition judges, the timekeepers, the volunteers and the Croce Rossa equipe need to inform themselves with awareness, steadiness and punctuality of the measures of this following protocol.

The areas where the competitions will be taken will be close to the public; only the people authorized will be able to enter in those areas, those who are signed up on the website of the Silver Skiff and who will be part of the staff and the technicians.

All the areas that are interested by the event will be close to the public and sorrounded by signaling tape. If the area is not only one, there will be more areas closed to the public (for example, the place where the boat are situated) all of those will be signalated by signs, such as “Area chiusa al pubblico per svolgimento manifestazione Agonistica”.

The following protocol refer to the current informative paper; it will be updated or cancelled if there it will be changes.

The correct use of the Protocol will be checked by the COL’s President and by all the Rowing Clubs responsibles that will be signed for the event.

The Jury’s President will be following the COVID MANAGER individuated by the Organizational Committee for what about what concerns the Covid-19 contamination risks and for the correct use of the Protocol by the partecipants of the event.

If an athlete or more, signed up to the event, will be doing violations the Jury’s President is allowed to eliminate him or them from the competitions.



The Organizational Committee will choose Umberto Dentis, director of the Organizational Committee, as the Covid Manager for the XXX Trofeo Internazionale Silver and Kinder Skiff competitions. His objective is to control and verify that the partecipants must abide by the rules in the Protocol.

Activities and abilites:
– Verify the correct elements predisposition for the temperature measure; – Verify the correct use of the DPI; – Verify the procedures of the correct entrance in the infrastructure; – Verify the Green Pass’s validity (
in its absence, the PCR will be controlled wich need to be done in the 48 hours before and the SARS-CoV-2 viral test need to be done every three days before and during the event);
 – Verify the correct disinfection and cleaning; – Verify the correct distancing between athletes and staff; – Following the correct rules in case of Covid-19 positive cases
or the person that will result positive to the SARS-CoV-2 viral test.

The Covid Manager will be in contact with the doctor that will be present at the event in order to manage in the right way Covid-19 positive cases during the event.


The Organizational Committee will inform all the Rowing Clubs, the athletes and the staff who will partecipate to the competitions with qualified methods such as mailing list, information on the website, on the socials and with signs in the area interested by the competition. In particular, the information will be:

  • wearing a mask in the area interested by the event.
  • Maintaining the social distancing of 1 meter between everyone                             
  • Avoid any intimate contact, such as hugs or shaking hands                   
  • methods to have access to the regatta area, areas subdivisions and obligatory paths (planimetry)
  • clean and disinfect surfaces frequently, especially those which are regularly touched
  • Rules to follow to enter in the infrastructure, subdivision of the areas and paths.

The following rules need to be followed around all the area interested by the event and will be valid during all the period of the event.

Nobody can enter or use anything in the regatta’s area unless it is in the opening hours given by the Organisational Committee

2.a Areas

  • Areas for accredited people (boat’s area, trailer parking, club’s bus, tents area and clubs’s gazebos)

  • Regatta field

  • Areas to sign up

  • Landing and boarding piers

  • Award ceremony plac



All the areas interested by the event will be closed to the public. Only the people signed up on FIC, or on every other foreigner federation, the athletes, who are signed up on the website, the staff and the technical materials sellers will be allowed to enter in this area. All the people who is not on the list of the Organizing Committee at the end of the registrations will be not allowed to enter inside the regatta area. At the moment of the registration it will be possible to sign up all the athletes and part of the companions who, always registered on the FIC or every other foreign Rowing Federation, can’t be more than five participants for every Rowing’s Club and not more than five people in total.

It will be not able to use any sport changing room and showers. So any rowing club need to think of it singurarly, for example with gazebos.

If the weather conditions will be bad and will be impossible to use the gazebos, it will be authorized the use of the sports changing room, and this will be signposted with signs and will be asked the green pass at the infrastructure entrance:

  • Maximum number of people that can be inside at the same time
  • Signs on the places that can be use
  • Prohibition of leaving clothes and materials insid
The OC will sanities all the sports changing room twice a day, if they will be used. There will be sanitary facilities all around the area and they will be cleaned periodically during the day.

It is mandatory, for all the participants, wearing masks to be used in every situation and place where it can’t be respected the social distancing of 1 meter and to enter every close space. Different paths entrance/exits need to be organised to avoid any type of encounter, with signs all over the regatta’s area.      

The main area of the regatta need to be respected and there will be:

Competition area- Logistics area- Accreditation area- Landing and boarding piers- Awards area.

All the regatta’s areas will be surveilled by people individuated by the Organizing

Committee and they will be wearing a red jacket, so they will be easily recognised


Participants: the participant is everyone who is classified in this list:  athlete, technician, judge, timekeeper, accompanion, the person that is secretary of the matches, federal (FIC) staff. People need to be registered to the regatta only on the website All the participant need to be signed up on the website given by the Organizing Committee.

At the registration area every Rowing Club declares:

  • To have taken the Green Pass from the national sanitary service or a certification from the native region that declares that the person have the complete vaccination
  • The exact number and the declaration of the means that will be used at the regatta
  • How many cars, trucks and tents (gazebos) come to the regatta

The self certification will be kept by the rowing club at least for 15 days after the end of the event. Furthermore

It is responsibility of every Rowing Club or of the single participant to measure the body temperature of every team component and the staff or the declaration of the measure taken at home. For the people with a body temperature higher than 37.5° will be not be able to leave for the regatta field.


The entrance to the infrastructure will be allowed only for the technicians, the athletes and companions (signed up on the FIC or any other foreigner federations), registered to the event and registered on the website and to whom are part of the organization, being registered on the website and having the greenPass (green certificate or white card (USA)) or the PCR taken at least 48 hours before the entrance in the regatta area. The PCR need to be repeated every three days.

For children under 12 years old any PCR or greenpass or white card is not required

The entrance to the regatta area will be able only with ID card or passport and declaration of registration with QR-code that will be controlled. It will be needed on the smarthphone, or printed or hanged on the neck and  greenPass (green certificate or white card (USA) or a PCR taken at least 48 hours before the entrance to the regatta area

For the volunteers and the people who will be helping but who is not registered on the FIC, will be needed a special certification (badge).

For the foreign athletes and companions the organizational staff will be controlling the follow of all the “rules” of hte Ordinance Ministero della  Salute of the 29.7.2021 and all the attachments.

The measure of the body temperature will be taken by the companions leader for all the members and all their companions of every Rowing Club and this will be taken at the beginning of the race’s day. The data will be given to the Covid Manager.

The Organizational Committee staff wil be measuring the body temperature of every member of the staff at the beginning of every day. All the data will be given to the Covid manager.

The control will be done every day, starting from the Friday, november 5th 2021.

The people who will have a body temperature higher than 37.5° need to be signaleted as soon as possible to the Covid Manager who will decide, with the medical equipe, what to do. In this case the access to the regatta area will be not allowed.


The following rules need to be followed in the logistic area:

  • The Organizing Committee will give and signal the areas for parking the trailer and the gazebo that every Rowing Club need to bring (it need to be located near the trailer) with a distance between them of at minimum 2 meters.
  • The athletes need to be located near the gazebo/trailer for be using also as a changing room, to use the mask and maintain the distance of minimum 2 meters between the others.
  • Access prohibited for all the people who is not allowed to be part of the event.
  • Sanitary facilities will be set up in the logistic area for all the athletes, one every 1 person over 100 participants.

All the cleaning and disinfection activities will be registered.




  • The accreditation will be done outside, with the indication of the maximum people that can be present, with the requirement of the minimum distance between every person of 1 meter and the use of the mask.
  • The regatta number will be given in a close bag (all the operation of bagging will need to be done in the best hygienic way).
  • All the starting time and the overall will be given ONLY online on the website.

All the advertisement will be send on the partecipant’s mailing list or by sms to every participant who will be signed properly when subscribing.

The reunion between every rowing club’s representative is not planned.

WEIGHT AREA (only athletes)

  1. The staff for the body weight measure will be separated by the balances and will need to be wearing all the safety devices (mask and single-use gloves) 
  2. Only one athlete at the time will be allowed to access the weight area.
  3. The waiting area will be indicated with the right signs on the wall or on the floor, to maintain the right distance between everyone.
  4. All the weight measure’s equipments will be cleaned and disinfected at the end of every measure.
  5. The balance need to be covered with a single-use absorbent sanitary surface that will be changed after every measure.
  6. Every area and element inside the body weight area will need to be cleaned and disinfected after every use


  1. The exact number of people who can be on every dock will be signaled so that the right distance between all the participant will be respected.
  2. The staff selected for this work will be controlling that this will be respected.
  3. The mask can be not wear only on the boat at a certain distance from the dock.
  • Keeping distance during the waiting on the dock for the landing/boarding.
  • Wearing the mask until the boarding.
  • Difference between the landing and boarding dock that will be controlled by the volunteers.
  • It is mandatory to wear the shoes until the landing. The shoes need to be taken inside the boat.
  • In case of the utilisation of the same devices (oars, stroke counter..) these need to be disinfected after every use.


  • the referees have the obligation to wear the mask and control every boat and materials without having any physical contact with anything or using gloves or the sanitising gel before and after every control.
  • The timekeepers have the obligation to wear the mask, sanitize the hands before and after touching every surface

All the nautical means need to be sanitize after every use, in particular all the parts that need a physical contact. This need to be done also for every transmitting apparatus.


The awards ceremonieswill be taken in a specific close area where only the athletes and at maximum one accompanion can enter wearing the mask. – There is the obligation of maintaining the distance of minimum 1 meter. – The awards ceremonies will be done only at the end of the regattas and divided for every categories for Kinder and SilverSkiff and Master with a planned timed that will be communicate to all the participants

The award ceremony will be done without any physical contact: the athlete awarded will take the medal by himself from a platter that will be given by a person who will be wearing a mask. The medal need to be wear around the neck. Prohibition of any hand shakes or hugs.

Pictures can be taken only by authorised people that will be respecting the right distance between everyone.

The athletes need to pay attention on not hug themselves or not having correct behaviours dictated by COVID-19 rules.


The water rescue need to be done following the national and regional rules.


The cleaning and the sanification of all the areas are fundamental, maintaining also the right distance between people, to prevent the spread of the virus.

The Organisational Committee is in charged of control that this will be respected all around the  areas interested by the regatta.

Referring to the CLEANING, with the use of sanitizers recognised by the Ministero della Salute, provide as follows:

  1. All the sport devices and the nautical materials need to be sanitized before the departure from the headquarters of the participant Rowing Club. In case of sharing materials the participant Rowing Club need to sanitized everything.
  2. All the public areas in common, doors and sanitary facilities will be controlled by the Organisational Committee (also handrails, taps, windows, hangers, sinks, wc and chairs), all the objects more utilised. All the visitors will be well informed about the rules that need to be followed and respected to be safe on the COVID-19 situation.
  3. The docks need to be cleaned and sanitised twice a day

If there will be a COVID-19 positive case that have use public areas the Organisational Committee will do everything is needed to maintain every areas sanitised and cleaned to prevent the spread of the virus with the help of a specialised company that is signalised by the Ministero della Salute n. 5443 of the 27th March 2020, expressly recalled by the Protocol of the 14th March 2020.



  1. MASK

The use of FFP2 mask with the CE marking is mandatory for all the staff that will be doing the cleaning and for who is responsible for the body temperature measure. All the athletes, accompanions and the organizational staff need to be wearing masks compliant to the legislations.

All over the regatta area need to be respected the minimum personal distancing of 1 meter, also on the nautical means.



The Covid Manager will be responsible to find an isolated area where the symptomatic cases of COVID-19 will be taken and isolated during the competition and implement all the procedures to have a fast health intervention.

Operational guidelines for the management of the symptomatic cases during the competition:

  1. The person who will have fever will instantly avoid any kind of contact with everyone and report the situation immediately. It will be send to the infirmary and it will be given a mask.
  2. If the symptoms are not too pronounced, it will be asked to the person in question to go home and call the doctor to inform him/her of the situation.
  3. If the symptoms are too pronouced it will be called the 112.

If the person in question is Covid-19 positive the all structure will be closed to sanitized before the reopening of it.

Allegato 1 – Protocollo Covid SilverSkiff 2021