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SilverSkiff 2018 - Twenty-seventh edition

2018 SilverSkiff Trophy

SilverSkiff 2018 was cancelled due to a flood of the river Po, caused by the bad weather that put into trouble all of Italy. The decision of annul the KinderSkiff was almost immediately. The...

KinderSkiff Party

Today at the two pm KinderSkiff consolation party, with our partners DiBi, @kinderpiusport , @instaxitalia, @filippiboats_official. And tomorrow: polenta and sausage for all our Silverskiff athletes.

SilverSkiff - 2018 Starting Grid

ParaRowing – Starting Grid

Download PDF Pos. Last and First Name Category Club Nation 501 GADOWSKI Michal MPR2 POLSKA POL 502 MIRABILE Gianfilippo MPR2 MURCAROLO SS ITA 503 QUAGLIATO Alberto MPR2 CAPRERA ITA 504 SPOLON Massimo MPR2 GAVIRATE ITA...

SilverSkiff 2018 - Twenty-seventh edition

Twenty-seventh Edition

KinderSkiff Saturday 10th SilverSkiff Sunday 11th November 2018 Twenty-seventh Edition   Extraordinary. Imagine the Turin’s river, parading on the fall colors of Valentino Park. Imagine it, full of boats, skiff particularly, where you can...

SilverSkiff 2018 - Iscrizioni Aperte - Enrollments Open


 2018 SilverSkiff Saturday, November 10th – Sunday, November 11th   SILVERSKIFF: CLOSED KINDERSKIFF: CLOSED PARAROWING: CLOSED   ENROLL NOW Deadline: 2nd November 2018 at midnight   Lenght:  KinderSkiff: 1000mt. and 4000mt. Para-Rowing: 1000mt. and 4000mt. SilverSkiff:...